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Mayureswara Stotram

Mayureswara Stotram

Mayureswara Stotram 
(From Ganesa Puranam) 

Mayureswara is the first incarnation of Ganesha, as per the Ganesha Puran. Ganeshas incarnation was during Treta yuga. He was born to Shiva and Parvati. He had six arms and is sweta varna (white complexion). He incarnated for the purpose of killing the demon called Sindhu. 

Story behind Mayureshwara 

During Treta yuga, there was a king named Chakrapani living in Gandali Nagari of Mithila kingdom. His wife was Queen Ugra, she was a mahapativrata. The couple was blessed with all happiness except that they had no children. Both, the king and the queen started a penance asking Surya devata ( Lord Sun) to fulfill there wishes . With the blessing of Surya, Ugra conceived. The embryo was so bright and powerful, that she could not bear the brilliance of it so she released the embryo in the sea. From that embryo, a brilliant child was born. Samudra devata (Lord of Sea) disguised himself as a Brahmin, reached Chakrapanis court and gave the child back to him. As the child was born in the sea the king named him `Sindhu. 

Days passed and Sindhu grew up, his teacher Shukracharya, directed him to worship Lord Surya inorder to become powerful. Accordingly, Sindu for two thousand years continuously meditated on Lord Surya, who finally was pleased with him and in return Sindhu asked for immortality. Lord Surya, gave Sindu Amrita and told him thus 
Oh Sindu! take this Amrita. This will remain in your stomach (near navel). As long as this nectar is present in your body , you will not die. 

Sindhu after drinking Amrita became more powerful. King Chakrapani realised that his son Sindhu became intelligent and powerful because of the boon and gave him the kingdom. The  ambitious king, Sindhu started on a universal quest. With his incomparable valiant he won many battles against Indra, Vishnu and other Gods. After winning the war, Sindhu imprisoned all the devas at Gandaki Nagari. Now King Sindhu turned towards Lord Shiva, and attacked Kailash. 
The imprisioned devas started praying to Lord Ganesha. The gods and sages started worshipping Ganesha by performing the Yagna(worshipping with the fire). From the fumes of the yagnya a peacock emerged out with Omkar Ganesha. Ganesha was delighted and said 
I will be born again. I, the son of Parvarti will kill Sindhu . During Krita Yuga everyone will know me as `Vinayaka, while in Treta yuga you will see me as Mayureshwara, in Dwapar yuga I will be called as Gajanana and in Kalyug I will be named as Dhumraketu. * (All the 4 avataras of Ganesha as per Ganesha Puran) 

Lord Shiva and Parvati left Kailash and moved to Meru Parvat. Goddess Parvati commenced a 12 yearpenance of Lord Ganesha with Ek Akshar Mantra `OM . In the end she received a boon that Lord Ganesha will take a rebirth as her son on Bhadrapad Shuddha Chaturthi. Parvati made an idol of Lord Ganesha using the turmeric of her body and it turned into a live child. Shiva and Parvati named their son as Ganesh. 

Days passed. Lord Ganesha was ten years old, Shiva & Parvati fed up of Sindus harassment decided to move from Meru Parvat, the demon Kamalasur came in their way. Lord Ganesha challenged Kamalasur and killed him. Now Lord Ganesha attacked Sindus Gandaki Nagar. Lord Ganesha killed Sindus two sons. A defeated Sindhu ran away from the battlefield. Sindhus father advised him to surrender to Lord Ganesha, but he denied and continued the battle. 

Lord Ganesha attacked him with parashu(hatcher) and removed the nectar from the naval and killed Sindhu. Lord Ganesha was riding on the peacock during the battle , so he was named as `Mayureshwara or `Moreshwar. After Brahma requested Lord Ganesha to live in Morgaon forever for his devotees. Lord Ganesha accepted their request. Brahma prepared an idol of sand, clay and precious stones and installed at Morgaon on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturthi. 
Lord Ganesha told them whoever lives and prays over here wont fear for any obstacle or danger. Lord Mayureshwara is very powerful, potent and awaked god. If you wish something holy at Morgaon then that wish will definitely become true. This is the belief of devotees of Lord Ganesha and they experience it. ) 

1.Parabrahma roopam, chidannda roopam, 
Paresam , Suresam , gunabdhim, gunesam, 
Gunatheethameesam , Mayuresa vandhyam , 
Ganesam natha smo , nathaa smo, natha sma. 

2.Jagad vandhyamekam parakaramekam, 
Gunaanaam param karanam, nirvikalpam, 
Jagat palakam , harakam, tharakam tham, 
Mayuresa vandhyam natha smo natha sma. 

3.Maha deva soonum Maha daithya nasam, 
Maha poorusham sarvadaa vigna nasam, 
Sada bbhaktha posham , param jnana kosham, 
Mayuresavandhyam natha smo natha sma. 

4.Anadhim , gunadhim , suradhim shivayaa, 
Maha thoshadham , sarvadaa sarva vandhyam, 
Suraryaandhakam , bukthi mukthi pradham tham, 
Mayuresa vandham natha smo natha sma. 

5.Param mayinam , mayinaam apya gamyam, 
Muni dhyeyamakasa kalpam janesam, 
Asankyaavatharam , nija ajana nasam, 
Mayuresa vandham natha smo natha sma. 

6.Aneka kriya karakam sruthya gamyam, 
Thrayee bodhithaaneka karmadhi bheejam, 
Kriya sidhi hethum , surendradhi sevyam, 
Mayuresa vandham natha smo natha sma. 

7.Maha kala roopam , nimeshadi ropam, 
Kala kalpa roopam sadagamya roopam, 
Jana jnana hethum , nrunaam sidhitham tham, 
Mayuresa vandham natha smo natha sma. 

8.Mahesadhi devai sadhaa dhyeya padam, 
Sadaa rakshakam thath padaanam hathaarim, 
Mudhaa kama roopam Krupa varidhim tham, 
Mayuresa vandham natha smo natha sma. 

9.Ya idham padathi stotram sa kaamaan labhathe akhilaan, 
Sarvathra jayam aapnothi manavayu sriyam param. 

10.Puthravaan, dhana samapanno vasyatham akhilam nayeth, 
Sahasravarthanaath kara grahastham mochayeth jjanam. 

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