Rugveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda & Adharvana Veda

Mantra puspam contains the description of Virat purusa. The prajapati exolled him as one who blesses the persons praying him.

Mantra puspam is impregnated with the sum total of Gayatri Hrdayam and Gayatri upanishat. The chanting of Mantra puspam amounts to reciting Gayatri Hrdayam and upanishat.

Mantra puspam is a Vedic extract. It is recited at the end of daily worship in all Hindu temples. It also contains text from Arunam and Maha souram. The Creation of the universe is an utterance of Lord Narayana. Who appeared in the Stages of Creation, sustenance and dissolution. Creation has come up of the Supra Cosmic Lord and it is not his function.

It is said that the Seven Centres, Muladhara cakra at the tip of the Sacral region at the back, the Svadhistana located, opposite to spleen along the Spinal cord and the third Manipura Cakra at the navel region and the fourth Anahata at the heart Centre and the fifth Visuddha at the throat region and the sixth Ajna Cakra between the eyebrows, the seventh Sahasrara at the head centre got their Vibrations from the Seven planets and there is turn from the Saptarsimandala.

These mystic sounds of the mantra when properly meditated unlock the Seven Cosmic Centres (Nodes) and establish direct link with Narayana.

The sound must be the beginning of creation. There must be germsounds like germplasm. These are eternal words out of which the whole universe has been produced.

Nara means water and also man. The cosmic water can dissolve everything in the Creation, the mind, buddhi, intelligence and even soul. Nature is a product of God and Hence Lord is indestructable. The Lord is the back bone of cosmos. The Lord is eternal and exists at all times. He may appear in a form like a wave of the ocean.

The meditation of Soul is a constant process and not fixed to any particular times. The Lord is meditated upon as Supreme as Knowledge. Belongs to mind and wisdom to Soul.

All qualities and Nature belongs to God. The abode of Narayana is in the heart in the form of an inverted lotus bud. The beginning of Creation is the unfoldment of lotus bud.

The Cosmic energy is like the germinating Core of a rice seed. The principle of procreation called Adithi is the mother principle of Cosmos.

The Solar Sun feeds from the Cosmic energy and gives inturn Solar energy. (Suparna Sukta in Veda) This energy is given to mature unto the earth in the form of Cloud. The Sun’s rays evaporates the Waters through radiation and converts them into potential energy. It is otherwise known as magnetic energy. The Clouds are charged with electrical energy for the procreation.

The Sun is a bundle of flames responsible for combustion. The energy is directly drawn from space and Converted into light energy by the Centre of the Sun globe which is the Cosmic Consiousness otherwise known as Supreme Consciousness “Narayana”.

Sun is a body of reflection and he transmits the same again to Moon and other planets.

The earth receives the Solar light and gives the same energy to all the living beings on the earthly hemisphere. Narayana the source of Waters presides over the spiritual water of experience.

Fire is the origin of water which in turn is the source of fire. Watervapour condensed produces heat. The space is filled with actual light called (Samudra) possessing fine electrical energy and from this fire is produced.

Contemplation upon the source of thought and mind bestows eternal happiness.

Air is the source of water which in turn becomes the source of water. Air is nothing but pulsation of Space. The energies of space becomes molecules of air. The breath and consciousness of the individual is to merge into the Universal consciousness which is nothing but eternal happiness.

Water is the source of heat which is responsible for creation. Heat is converted into light which in turn becomes the Sun’s magnetic field i.e. life’s energy. One must meditate on his life’s energy, the source of breath. The two palms contains two magnetic energy centres when come in contact with water gets stimulated and correct the health disorders. (Dr. P.J. Mohan Rao).

The moon light is a reflector of the Sunlight in a pleasant form as does the water.

The Constellations in the sky are the source of creation which inturn are the waters of space. The biological and animal kingdoms owe their existance to the constellations.

Water is produced on earth due to the rotation of earth around the Sun, and rains due to its rotation in the season. Respiration is the product of these waters.

“OM” is the node of cosmic mystic sound, the pulsation of creation and activity. OM is real and all else is unreal. The vibrations of ‘OM’ comes down and covers the body and soul.

Kubera serves Lord Siva who is Kameswara, the fulfiller of all desires. The breadth of Gods the centripetal and contrifugal forces and Aswins in the exhalation and inhalation are Apana and prana. Vibration is the strength of Visnu, which emanates from an eternal source.

Lord Narayana is the pulsator of water, the light, the supreme consciousness outside and inside, the energy the intelligence the source of eternal happiness, creative intelligence and Vaisravana in Visnu.

It is stated that there are Seven life giving breath airs in the body. They are Avaham, Pravaham, Nivaham, Varaham, Udvaham, Samvaham, parihavam. Among them parihavam also known as Mareeci is said to safeguard Atma and Paramatma. If this particular Vayu (air) is not circulated, the Atma and Paramatma will disappear from the body. It is acclaimed as more minutest than prana Vayu (oxygen) which we breathe in. Hence if this parivaham vayu (air) is discovered and allow it to circulate in the body prana will not desert us and death is averted.

Thus Mantra puspam has a unique place in the worship of god who is responsible for our birth and death and the fulfiller of all our desires, destinies and liberation.

In Narayana Sukta there are thirteen mantras. The first mantra commencing with “Sahasra Sreesam Devam Visvaksham Viswa smabhu vam” and continues to the thirteenth mantra is Rtagam Satyam param Brahma purusam krsna pingalam, Urdhvaretam Virupaksham Visvaroopaya Vai Namo Namah”. The Santi patha will be started with OM Sahana Vavatu and after the thirteenth mantra with Vasudeva Gayatri OM Narayanaya Vidmahe Vasudevaya Dheemahi| Tanno Vishhnuhu pracodhayat ||

The above thirteen Narayana sutra mantras are contained in the mantra puspam only. In other words Narayana Sukta is Mantra puspam only. There are additions and subtractions also in certain texts of Mantra puspam.

The present Mantra puspam presented here, is now, in regular practice in temples and rituals.

The universe is divinised. The effulgent with many heads and eyes, produced of Joy, master and cause of humanity, the imperishable, the Surpassing ruler and saviour, the endless omniform, the goal of humanity, the destroyer of sin and ignorance, the protector of the universe and the ruler of the protector, and the governor of the human souls, the unchanging, the supremely auspicious, the super light, the infinite, the hightest self, the one pervaded in and out, the limitless, the all knowing the resider in Ether, comparable to the inverted lotus bud located above Naval region resides at the space called susumna. The great fire consuming the food given, permeating the entire body, projecting as a slender, paddy grain appearing as Brahma, Siva, Visnu, and Indra, dwelling amidst the fire, the self luminous pure super consciousness is “Narayana”.

In Gayatri Hrdayam the entire creation is ascribed to water in the Avantara Srusti and at the time of dissolution (pralaya) all life and plankton originates from waters only. Water is the basis from which other elements have originated. He who knows all about water deemed to know every thing.

Aditya Hrdayam speaks about cosmos and Logos. The Sun is responsible for creation, sustenance and dissolution. He is described as Brahma, Visnu, Siva & Indra.

Gayatri upanishat states that Aditya (sun God) is masculine and its female form is Savitri (femine gender). The mind Savita and speech (vak) is Savitri. Mind is speech and speech is mind. They look apparently different (two yonis) but are only one, (Mithuna) 2. Like wise Agni (Fire) is Sun (Savita is Aditya) and earth is Savitri. Fire is pridhvi and pridhvi is Agni (Fire). 3. Vayu (Air) is Savita (Sun)., the cosmos (astral plane) is Savitri. Astral plane and Vayu are one only. 4. Aditya is Savita and dyuloka (celestial world) is Savitri (two yonis). But the Sun and the celestial world, the celestial world and the Sun are one only. 5. Candra (moon) and Savita (Sun) and the other stars (Narkshatras) and Savitri are two yonis but stars and candra and candra and stars are one only. 6. Day is Savita (Surya), Night is Savitri (two yonis) but Night and day, day and night are only one. 7. Heat is Savita (Sun), cold is Savirti. Heat and cold and cold and heat are only one. 8. Cloud is Sun (Savita) Rain is Savitri look as different. Cloud is rain and rains means cloud. Both are one. 9. Electricity (vidyut) is Savita, lightening is Savitri (two yonis). Electricity is light and light is electricity. Both are one. 10. Life (prana) is Savita (sun), food is Savitri (two yonis) but prana – food, food and prana are one and the same. If prana has to sustain one must have food and when food is there prana can be sustained.

Mind in prana, prana in food, food on the earth, Earth in the water, water in the light and the light in Air (Vayu) and Air in the space (Akasa) and in the end Akasa rests in Brahma.

Brahma depends in Brahma Vetta and Brahmavetta in Brahmana (Mantra).

He whoever possess this Brahma Jnana will get punya and Keerti. He will be absolved of all sins and will be blessed with sumptuous and abundant pleasures.

This is very well elaborated in the sacred Mantras of mantra puspam.
Courtesy: Sri Konduru Krishna (atreya) 

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