Temple blocking way to Dalit colony pulled down

The road between Gandhinagar colony of the Hindus and Ambedkar colony of the dalits was blocked by the construction of a wall and a temple about six months ago.these structures were demolished by the Municipal authorities on Thursday.

According to official sources, M. Kanchana of the Ambedkar colony had lodged a complaint with the Dharmapuri Municipality that the Hindus of  Gandhinagar colony had constructed a wall 10 years ago to block the way to her colony, forcing the Dalits to take a circuitous route to their colony.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front (TNUEF) began in 2009 a series of protests to have the wall removed but to no avail.

A. Kumar, district convener of the TNUEF told that the organisation had held many agitations, including one on March 14 this year, to demand the demolition of the temple and the wall. The problem was also presented before the District Collector and Superintendent of Police for action.

Ms. Kanchana submitted a petition to the municipality on September 13, last year, seeking demolition of the wall. Meanwhile, the residents of Gandhi Nagar constructed the temple on the road.

After the verification of the land records, the officials found that the temple and the wall were built to block the path. The wall and the temple were demolished on Thursday morning.

The demolitions were carried out in the face of protests by the residents of Gandhinagar. A. Gurusamy, Commissioner (in-charge) of Dharmapuri Municipality said. Police were posted at the spot to prevent violence.

When asked why the civic body took eight months since the submission of petition to demolish the wall, Mr. Gurusamy said two rounds of talks with residents of both colonies were held to find an amicable solution.

When the municipality saw that those who built the temple and the wall were not willing to remove these, it decided to demolish the structures.

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