A hero’s tale etched in stone


A hero stone, possibly from the Vijayanagara period, was found in Pasumathur village, located on the northern side of Palar River in Katpadi taluk.

Many archaeological evidence belonging to periods ranging from pre-historic to that of Arcot Nawabs were found in the village.

The hero stone features a soldier with headgear armour on the chest, quiver on the back, dagger in the waist, bracelet and warrior’s anklet. These decorations imply that the man to be not just a soldier but a general of the army. The man is featured as aiming at the target with arrow loaded on a larger-than-life sized bow. To his right is a lady, probably his wife, with tufted hair, holding a lotus bud on her hand and wearing ornaments on neck, ear, waist and leg. Mangala Sutra is seen hanging from her neck up to waist.

T. Senthilkumar, Assistant Professor of Tamil and R. Sekar, Assistant Professor of History of Muthurangam Government Arts College, Vellore, recently found the hero stone on a tank bund in the village.

 According to the academicians, the lady should be bidding adieu to her husband getting ready to go to the battle front. “When we dug the ground further where the stone was found, we could trace charcoal. Hence it could be a place where the warrior was cremated after he attained martyrdom. The lady could have ended her life by jumping into the pyre,” Mr. Sekar told The Hindu .

“The hero stone has the styles of Vijayanagara period and it seems it belongs to 15th century,” he added.

A pillar stone bearing Tamil inscriptions on both sides has also been found at Ponniyamman Temple located near the site where the hero stone was found.

The name of ‘Chinna Bommu Naicker’ who ruled Vellore until 1526 is mentioned in the inscription. Mr. Sekar says that the inscription talks about the bullet wood flower (magizham poo) garlands donated to a Siva temple. 

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