Tulsi Ramayan in English Verse

April 18, 2014: Ramayan is so immensely popular that it has been translated into many languages, including English. So, more one having translation in English wouldn’t draw attention first a at glance. However, when one has the opportunity to even give a cursory reading to this book, Tulsi Ramayan in English verse and know who the author is, one is left spellbound. Satya Dev is a Harvard graduate who served in the Indian army as a captain. When he decided to translate the Tulsi Ramayan verse by verse in prose, his friends laughed at the idea and said that it could not be done. Well, after 15 years of love of labor, persistence and shraddha, Satya Devji brought out this publication in 2010, which will be of immense help to those Hindus and others interested in the great Hindu culture who do not know any language other than English. This would include a majority of second and third generation of Hindus in the northern hemisphere.

Author has taken pain to fit every chaupai, doha, sortha, chhand and shloka in proper meters and while doing so has not sacrificed lucidity of language. In Baal Kand, there is the famous incidence where Sati is desirous to attend yagna at her father Daksha’s home. Bhagwan Shankar reasons with her the inappropriateness of going where one is not invited or where one’s spouse is ignored willfully and yet, Sati could not see the reason and Bhagwan Shankar let her go with an ominous warning. These are chaupais between Dohas 60-61 and 61-62. pain at heart,

Knowing own guilt, says nothing on her part. Sati spoke in heartwarming language, at last, Feeling hitch, shyness, a sense of love, so fast”In my father’s house, O’ Graceful!
Such supreme celebration,
May I go and see respectfully, if I have my Lord’s permission.” …61 “Well spoken, to my mind too, of great appeal, But uninvited, how inappropriate does it feel?
Daksh sent for all his daughters, in good accord, But due to his spite with me, only you he ignored.
At Brahma’s meeting, he felt unhappy with me, The reason only, he chose, yet insulting to be. Bhavani! Without an invitation, even if you go.


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