To Realise God

A spiritual aspirant is fit to realize Brahmam (God) if he acts as mentioned below.


  1. He should purify the understanding.
  2. He should firmly control the mind.
  3. He should abandon all sense-objects which draw the mind out into the material world.
  4. He should give up attraction and hatred.
  5. He should dwell in solitude.
  6. His diet should be moderate.
  7. He should keep his speech, body and mind under his control.
  8. He should practice meditation continuously.
  9. He should possess intense dispassion.
  10. He should abandon egoism, violence, arrogance, desire, hatred and covetousness.
  11. He should give up the sense of  I and ‘mine’.
  12. He should possess peace…

Quote of the day

Our nature is the mind. And the mind is our nature.…