Ganesa Shodasa Nama stotram

It is believed that if a devotee chants or hears the 'Ganesh Shodasa Nama Stotram' and remembers the names of Ganesha, then he would not face any obstructions or hindrances during the departure or return from a journey; during the commencement of education and examination; during combats or conflicts; during marriage ceremoney or any other affair.  The person will also receive the blessings of Lord Ganesha and attain success.


Sumukhaschaikadanthascha, Kapilo Gaja Karnika,
Lambhodarascha Vikato Vignarajo Vinayaka., 1

Dhoomakethurganadhyaksha Phalachandro Gajanana,
Vakra Thunda Soorpakarno Herambha Skanda poorvaja., 2

Shodasaithani namani ya padeth srunuyadhapi,
Vidhyarambhe vivahe cha pravese, nirgame thadha,
Sangrame sarvakarye cha vigna sthasya na jayathe., 3

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