April 28, 2014:  The “Yaga Trayam” of Kariristhi-Varuna-Parjanya Shanti Yagams concluded on a grand religious note with “Purnahuthi” on Monday.

The five day ritual aimed at appeasing Rain God-Varuna for good rains and for the prosperity of humankind began at Dharmagiri Veda Pathashala on April 24 where in 32 vedic scholars who are starlwarts in such yagas took part and performed the ritual with dedication and devotion. On Monday, Purnahuthi for Kariristhi Yagam was perfromed in the holy waters of temple tank – Swamy Pushkarini with the vedic
scholars reciting the hymns from Rig, Sukla Yajurveda, Krishna Yajurveda, Kauthuma, Jaimini, Krishna Maitrayini and Adharvana Vedas to appease Lord Varuna immersed in waist depth waters.

Meanwhile the Prunahuthi for Varuna and Parjanya Shanti Yagas have been performed in Dharmagiri Veda Pathashala by the students of 17 vedic departments of the school.

Principal Sri KSS Avadhani, faculty and students were also present during the religious fete.

Quote of the day

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__________Mahatma Gandhi