TTD  April 11, 2014: Tens of thousands of eyes were enthralled by the grandeur of Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam that took place in the temple of Lord Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy in Tirupati on Wednesday evening. devotees.

The entire temple premises appeared as if an earthen heaven with beautiful floral arches, pandals, electrical illuminations and the marriage hall is beautifully decked to match the grandeur of the deities of Lord Sri Rama and Goddess Sita Devi.

Vaikhanasa Agama Pundit Sri Sitaramacharyulu performed the celestial marriage to the most eligible divine couple of Hindu Dharma amidst the chanting of veda mantras.

TTD has made elaborate arrangements of Annaprasadam and Jalaprasadam to the devotees who attended the divine wedding.

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