Medha Devi Jushhamaa Naa Na Aagaa Vishvaachi Bhadraa Sumanas Yamaanaa

May the all pervasive Goddess of intelligence who is happy with us, who brings prosperity and kindness, visit us

Tvayaa Jushhtaa Nudamaanaa Duruktaan Brahad Vadema Vidathe Suviiraaha

Oh Goddess we were indulging in futile gossip before your visit but now by your grace we got the talent to speak like disciples

Tvayaa Jushhta Rishhir Bhavati Devi Tvayaa Brahmaa Aagatshrii Ruta Tvayaa

Oh Goddess admired by you, one becomes a Rishi, one becomes the knower of Brahma and attains an abundance of wealth

Tvayaa Jushhta Schitram Vindate Vasu Saano Jushhasva Dravino Na Medhe

I pray to that Goddess of intelligence to grant us the various forms of wealth

Medhaam Ma Indro Dadaatu Medhaam Devi Sarasvati

May Lord Indra grant us the inner knowledge, may Goddess Sarasvati grant us intelligence

Medhaam Me Ashvinaa Vu Bhaavaadhattaam Pushhka Rasrajaa

May the two Ashwins, wearing garlands made of Lotus flowers, grant us wisdom

Apsara Suchayaa Medhaa Gandhar Veshhu Cha Yanmanaha

Apsaras have intelligence,Gandharvas have intelligence,Goddess of intelligence is Saraswati,let the intelligence spread like fragrance.I offer you without any reservations.

Devim Medhaa Sarasvati Saamaam Medhaa Surabhir Jushhataam Svaahaa

Let the divine intelligence awaken in us which spreads at the Vedic law and has fragrance

Aamaam Medhaa Surabhirr Vishvaruupaa Hiran Yavarnaa Jagatii Jagamyaa

The one who grants intelligence, the one who spreads like perfume, the one who bears the golden letters, the one who is immortal, may that Goddess be kind to us

Uurja Svatii Paya Saa Pinva Maanaa Saamaam Medhaa Supratiikaa Jushhantaam

Oh Medha Devi, who is with a glowing countenance, whom seekers of Truth pursue, who is the seat of strength, who brings us up with milk and other wealth, come and be kind to us

Mayi Medhaam Mayi Prajaam Mayya Gnistejo Dadhaatu
Mayi Medhaam Mayi Prajaam Mayi Indra Indri Yam Dadhaatu
Mayi Medhaam Mayi Prajaam Mayi Suuryo Bhraajo Dadhaatu

May the Fire God grant us the intelligence and the glow of the vedic chanting, may Lord Indra grant us intelligence and the strength arising from the control of one's senses, may the Sun God grant us intelligence and the strength to create fear in the enemy's heart.