"Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire, the messenger of the gods, the acceptor of sacrifice. Agni is in everyone's hearth; he is the vital spark of life, and so a part of him is in all living things; he is the fire which consumes food in peoples' stomachs, as well as the fire which consumes the offerings to the gods. He is the fire of the sun, in the lightening bolt, and in the smoke column which holds up the heavens. The stars are sparks from his flame. He was so important to the ancient Indians that 200 hymns in the Rig Veda are addressed to him, and eight of its ten books begin with praises dedicated to him.

"In later times, Agni's worship fell off dramatically. He became an incarnation of either Shiva or Brahma. Eventually he has come only to be called on by lovers, and by men who wish to increase their virility."

"Agni ... brings fire in all what you do. When your inner fire is on and burning well, it means you have energy and it shows as good health, beauty and a bright, sparkling personality. Since energy equivalent to money, the more energy you have, the more money you can make, so Agni mantra brings you wealth. Recite this mantra for purification of mind and prana, to burn fat and toxins in your body and to clear your vision, or any time you need more fire in your life.

"All the main processes in your body: breathing, digesting and entire metabolism is a form of burning reaction. Recite Agni mantra to improve dissimulation in your body, work of all organs and for overall vitality. Combine this mantra with some exercise to loose wait fast and in the most spiritual way. Energy of fire correspond to vision and eyes, so this mantra will improve your sight.

"Veda say : "Through Agni one may win wealth, and grow from day to day, glorious and most abounding in heroic sons", 1.1.3 Inner fire gives you magnetic beauty, beautiful complexion and perfect body. Agni is called a flash-eating fire, representing metabolism in the body and purification from toxins. Hot spices carry the energy of fire, you can add them into your diet, but be careful, don't burn yourself out completely.

"You can extinguish too much fire and bring it to balance with other elements in your body by adding water (see Varuna Gayatri). Take cool shower, drink some water or recite a Varuna mantra. Another way to control fire is to bring more air element in your body through conscious breathing exercises, jugging outdoors or yoga. Air feeds fire, that burns the toxins and leave you pure and calm."