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I am attracted towards material disturbances, though I am a devotee! What to do?


A devotee with abbreviated name N.R who requested anonimity asked like this:

“Hare Krishna! Dandavat Pranam Prabhuji, During this month and the month before I have been very much involved in to material difficulties. With the grace of Krishna and Guru I have been successfully fighting the odds in my life but today suddenly i feel like complete breakdown within myself. I am hankering for material things and the loss of these material opulence is disturbing me from inside, although on a knowledge level, i feel and understand that these material opulences are merely a means of entangling a spirit soul in this material world and keeps us away from our real Father, Shri Krishna Bhagawan. Pls provide your valuable advice and method how to fight against such material disturbances in once life?”


Hare Krishna Prabhu. This problem is not only for you; It is faced by moat of the devotees! This material life itself is a fight with maya. Maya has spread its wing widely and attractively to involve everyone of us into that net.

Lust to be in the company of beautiful girl/ boy, lust to become rich, lust of being a leader and appreciated by others, etc, are all the tools used by maya to bind us with this material world.

Particularly, maya tests the devotees of Krishna much. Srila Prabhupada would say: “Mayadevi is standing just behind Krishna and watching your activities. Until you are sincerely involving in Krishna Consciousness, she will remain silent. If you forget Krishna for some time, maya readiky catches you”

So, to escape from maya’s disturbances, we have to catch Krishna strongly.

A question should come in your mind:

Why maya is doing like this when she is the external potency of Krishna? What is the benefit for her? Why should she deviate us from Krishna?

Yes. It is the duty assigned to her by Krishna. Maya has been assigned the control of this material world. So, she expects us to be under her control. She is doing her duties perfectly to engage you in material activities so that this world order will be maintained.

However, as she is under the control of Krishna, she can not affect a devotee until he is strongly practicing Krishna Consciousness. Maya is like darkness and Krishna is like sun. Where there is sun, there will be no darkness. So, until you are catching the lotus feet of Krishna strongly, maya can not drag you. Only when you give a gap in your Krishna Consciousnesss practices, maya becomes very happy and happily drags you into the material activities.

OK, then how to remain all the time in Krishna Consciousness to escape from the clutches of maya?

Do the following WHOLEHEARTEDLY with dedication and faith:

1. Chant a minimum of 16 rounds daily with taste and without offences.

2. Be most of the time in the company of devotees. If this is not poosible in your arab country, be in the company of the devotees forums in ISKCON’s official websites that offer forums of devotees. Discuss with them about Krishna and the writings of Srila Prabhupada.

3. Compulsorily read a part of the writings of Srila Prabhupada daily.

4. Follow proper worship of Krishna at home. Offer aratis daily and offer bhoga to Krishna daily. Have a policy of not eating anything other than prasadam that was ofered to Krishna.

Then, about your involvement in material activities. Actually, no one can avoid material things now a days. But, if you involve all your material activities in the service f Krishna, it becomes spritual.

How to do that?

1. Go to job and earn well. If you use all the earning for material life, it is material. If you spend a part of your earning for Krishna, the same money becomes spritual.

2. If you use mobile phone for talking to friends and relatives to please your senses, it is a material activity. But, if you use the same mobile to preach Krishna Consciousness and to discuss with friends about Krishna, the same ‘mobile talking’ becomes spritual.

3. If you use computer for chatting with friends about cinema, sports, girls or boys, it is material. But, if you use the same computer to learn and spread Krishna COnsciousness, it becomes spritual.

4. If you eat food for pleasing your tongue without offering to Krishna, it is a food with karma, that is material. If you offer the food to Krishna and then honour that prasadam, it becomes spritual without karma.

5. If you live your family life for sense gratification alone, it is a material grahamedi life. But, if you use the same family life to serve Krishna by making your house like a temple where Krishna lives, the same material life becomes a spritual life approved by sastras.

6. If one uses sex to produce animal-like children or to have pleasure, it is material activity; But, if he uses the same sex to produce devotee children for Krishna, the same sex becomes a service to Krishna.

Thus, without worrying about material involvements, start involving all the material activities in the service of Krishna. Thus, you can regulate your senses and material involvements!

If you see a vaishnava, he also seems to act like us. He also has a bike, mobile, computer, internet connection, house, etc. He also speaks; He also writes; But, he does everything for Krishna; But, we do for our pleasure. Thats all.

So, You need not worry for the disturbance of these material disturbances. Because, these are the tests maya is giving you to test whether you are strong in Krishna Consciousness, or not. Just involve all your senses in the service of Krishna. Then, your life will become a spritual life even without going to forests. You can lead a Krishna Conscious life even within the family set up.

However, there will be problems, disturbances, etc in our path. Just neglect them as your main objective of life is to serve Krishna. If you bear all these disturbances, Krishna will start to take care of you personally and elevate you in Krishna Consciousness.

All the best for your peaceful and blissful life. Hare Krishna!