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Thread: I have few doubts

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    I have few doubts

    I have few doubts. Looking forward for the answers from the members who has knowledge about our Hindu culture and Puranas.

    1. What happend to Yasoda and Nanda after Krishna left to Mathura. We have not heard anything about them after some time when Balarama and Krishna became kings of Mathura. Any one knows about their story?

    2. What happend to Devaki and Vasudev? (after the marriage of Krishna with 8 wives)

    3. What happend to Radha?

    The mythological movies or available books didnt discuss about the above much. Any book mentions about them?

    Want to know the answers please.

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    let me r e n e w ( रेन्यू ) above set of queries .. response by learned people is awaited , please ..
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