Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram - Classic Marathi Devotional Movie Directed By Rajesh Limkar, Featuring - Shreepadraj Amley, Anagha Kulkarni, Amol Bhosle, Surendra Shahane, Vishwas Gadre, Pawgi, Bhalchandra Gaikwad, Vijay Harishchandre, Produced by Fountain Entertainment.

Synopsis - The seventeenth century saint and poet Tukaram of Dehu village held the villagers spellbound with his songs of devotion although his wife Jijai often scolded him about his impractical ways. Tukaram was also besieged by Salomalo, a jealous priest who pretended to be the true author of Tukaram's songs. The Divine Spirit rescued him and the villagers from several disasters brought about by Salomalo. Finally, a day comes for Tukaram when a heavenly vehicle arrived to take him away.