Somnath Mahatmay - Sati Malubaichi Katha

Somnath Mahatmay: Sati Malubaichi Katha - Marathi Devotional Film. Starring: Pratibha Bhagat, Mahadev Ambekar, Ravindra Bapat, Sayli Bapat, Satish Joshi, Sameer Deshmukh, Amit Kasture, Reshma Dalimbkar. Director: Rajesh Limkar.

Synopsis: This is the story of the great sati Malubai who was a staunch follower of Lord Shiva. Once a sage visited her home and she treated him with great hospitality along with her husband and in-laws. The sage told her about how he got the vision of the great Lord Shiva by following rigorous rituals. Malubai too wanted to have the great Lord's vision and she inquired about the rituals. The sage told that she has to perform her rituals with at-most secrecy without anyone knowing, only then can she triumph. Malubai started sneaking out of her house every night to perform her deed for Lord Shiva. But her act of disappearing in the night creates troubles with her husband and in-laws. Malubai is faced with great difficulty to maintain the integrity of her family as well as her task of performing the rituals for her beloved God. Watch this movie to know how Malubai triumphs in her bad times with her unshakable faith in Lord Shiva.